Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hot K-Mart Deal

This one is a bit complicated, but you can get a great deal on toys at K-Mart. This mom blogger was where I first saw the post (Thanks Ryall for the heads up).

So here's the deal:

Trio blocks are on sale at K-Mart right now. For any set of blocks over 9.99 you receive $5 off automatically at the register. K-Mart also has $5 off $20 toy purchase. So I purchase 3 sets of blocks, 1 for 12.99 and 2 for 9.99. After the automatic $5 off each my total was 19.97, my cashier was nice and still let me use the coupon, but you would probably want to purchase 2 12.99 toys so that you are over the $20. The next step is to print Trio coupons for $5 off Trio blocks worth 9.99 or more. You can print these here. I goofed and only printed 2, but I guess if you log off and log on you can actually print 3! So that means you will get another $15 off. The key is to make sure to give them the K-mart coupon first so that your initial total is over $20.

My deal ended up being 3 sets of blocks for $6. If I would have printed 3 I would have had them for $1! The K-mart $5 off of $20 is only good until 8/31, so you have a little less than a week to do this deal.

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