Sunday, June 28, 2009

SunMart Deals

These deals at SunMart are only good through tomorrow (I'll post earlier next week:)

$1 Coke/Pepsi/7-UP 2 liters
$12 for 5 12 packs of Pepsi products (need to use coupon in their ad which can be found in the store)

They had really good peaches for just 99 cents a pound. Always look at their reduced price section in the meat area, usually things are just short dated. I was also able to find a couple of 1/2 gallons of milk with $1 stickers on them because they were going to be "expired" on the 29th. So those ended up being just 25 cents each!


This week at Walgreens pringles are on sale for 99 cents. There is a coupon our for $1 off 2, so today I paid 98 cents for 2 super stacks of pringles!

Why I started this blog

Ever since people have heard about my using coupons and getting great deals I am constantly getting asked to pass the information along. I've decided the easiest way to do that is to start a blog and post the deals that I see each week. Some will be for national chains and many will be local to the Kearney, Nebraska stores. Hope this helps those who are new to this! Feel free to post comments with other deals that I may have missed...happy shopping:)

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