Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Veggie Tales Christmas Album Download

Click here for instructions from Bargains 4 WAHMs on this great freebie!

Menards 10/31 - 11/14

Standard Duty Tarp 6x8 Free after 2.50 rebate
Safety glasses free after 2 MIR
Assorted wet wipes Free after 1.50 MIR
Door lock installation kit Free after 10 MIR
Steel shelf bracket Free after $2 MIR
Picture frames Free after 2.50 MIR
Reading glasses Free after $5 MIR

Hastings Media Store Bonus Credits

Hastings has Christmas bonus credits to use this week!  Sell them any 5 used books, CDs, DVDs or Video games and receive an additional $5 credit.  Also sell any 5 used music CDs and receive an extra $5 credit.  If you didn't get the flyer this weekend, there should be some in the store!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walgreens 10/31 - 11/6

I really like this new site, Wild for Walgreens:)  Here is a link to this weeks deals!

K-Mart Doubling up to $2 -- One Day Only!

K-Mart in Kearney is doubling coupons up to $2 on Sunday, October 31.  You have to use your rewards card, you are limited to 5 coupons and you must purchase $25 worth of grocery & drugstore merchandise.  With all these stipulations, I'm making the decision not to participate this time.  It's going to be very difficult to come out ahead when you have to spend $25.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Sample of Dove Deodorant

Click here for a free sample of Dove deodorant!  Thanks Bargains for WAHMs!

Boogaarts 10/26 - 11/1

Whole chicken fryer 87 cents/lb
Shurfresh cream cheese 87 cents
Betty Crocker cake mix 75 cents
Shurfine evaporated milk 77 cents
Shurfine mandarin oranges 2/$1
Shurfine flour 1.18 for 5 lb bag
Martha Gooch Pasta 77 cents
General Mills Cereals 1.98

Apple Market 10/27 - 11/2

2 Day Sale Oct 28-29!
80% Lean Ground beef 1.87/lb
Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 97 cents (use your coupons for these!)
Tony's pizza 6/$10
Farmland Sausage 97 cents (look for recent coupons)
3 lb bag Missouri Jonathan Apples 97 cents
Best Choice canned vegetables 37 cents
Keebler Shoppe Cookies 1.77
Best choice 12 pack soda 1.77
Bar S Franks 97 cents
16 oz best choice chunk cheese 2.97
Malt O Meal Cereal 1.77
Pillsbury cake mix 77 cents!
Best Choice vegetable oil 1.77 (48 oz)
12 ct glazed donuts 2.97
Hormel Deli shaved ham 1.97/lb
Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 87 cents
64 oz Louisburg Apple cider 1.97

Regular Sales
15 lb bag Russet Potatoes 2.68 each
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 98 cents
Best choice crescent rolls 98 cents
Charmin 9 large rolls ultra soft or strong 3.98
In ad coupon for $3 off when you purchase any 5 participating Quaker products  -- these items are also on sale so a good time to stock up!
Best choice hot dog or hamburger buns 99 cents

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Menards 10/24 - 11/7

Insulator Kit Interior Windows 99 cents after 50 cent MIR
12 volt inflator 4.99 after $5 MIR
Cat Pan liner Free after 3.50 MIR
Doggie Duty Bags Free after 1.50 MIR
Rayovac batteries 1.99 for 20 pack after $5 MIR
Corn Broom 1.99 after $4 MIR
18" indoor/outdoor broom 2.99 after $4 MIR
Free forever bags after $3 MIR
10' U-Snap Vinyl Gutter Free after $3 MIR
6" pliers 99 cents after $2 MIR
Boot Tray Free after $2 MIR
Menards Reusable Shopping Bag Free after 98 cent MIR
25' extension cord or 2 pack surge protector 3.99 after $3 MIR

K-Mart Week of Oct 24

The K-mart ad is advertising 99 cents for clearance apparel...a great time to pick up some summer clothing bargains!
In ad coupon for Ritz or Chips Ahoy 1.88 (limit 2)
50% off all halloween costumes

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walgreens 10/24 - 10/30

4 pack dole fruit or 6 pack Mott's applesauce 2/$3
In ad coupon for scotch transparent tape 49 cents (limit 3)
Huggies jumbo packs on sale for 7.99 - $1 RR = 6.99 (plus use your coupons for an even better deal!)
In ad coupon for Walgreens bandaids or triple antibiotic 99 cents (limit 3)
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste Free after RR -- remember to use a coupon on this as well!
Contac Cold & Flu Free after RR
Children's mucinex Free after MIR
Chestal Adult cough Free after MIR
Pill Glide Swallowing spray Free after MIR
In ad coupon Kleenex 89 cents (limit 3)

Big Deals through Kearney Hub!

This was in the paper today.  Every Thursday they will announce a new Big Deal in the Kearney Hub and online...something that is 50-90% off of regular price at a popular restaurant, spa, retail store, or other local treasures.  There is a minimum number of buyers needed to make the deal active, so if enough people buy that day's offer before it expires the deal is live.  Here's the link to get started and be ready for Thursday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free 8x10 Collage photo print from Walgreens

Click here to create and get your code for a free 8x10 collage from Walgreens.  This special ends on the 23rd!

$5 Performance Fleece on Sat at Old Navy!

See Bargains for WAHMs post regarding the Old Navy sale!

Free Sample of Coffee

Click here for a free sample of Thomas coffee...never had it before, but I'm willing to try it if it's free:)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boogaarts 10/19-10/25

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix 98 cents
Hunt's Pasta Sauce 88 cents
Shurfine Pineapple 78 cents
Florida Fall Glo Tangerines 88 cents/lb
Washington Apples 97 cents/lb
Crisp Green Cabbage 28 cents/lb

Apple Market 10/20 - 10/26

Crazy 8 sale!
Birds Eye Vegetables 88 cents
Farmland Hot Dogs 88 cents (there are coupons out on these)
Banquet Dinners 88 cents
Banquet Fruit or pot pies 2/88 cents
Yoplait Yogurt 2/88 cents
5 lb bag red delicious or jonathan apples 1.98
Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup 2/88cents
Healthy Choice Soup 98 cents
Best Choice Oyster or Saltine Crackers 88 cents
Best Choice spaghetti sauce 88 cents
Hershey's baking chips 1.88
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix 98 cents
Keebler cookies 1.88
On the border tortilla chips 1.88
Pepsi 2 liter products 88 cents
Whole chicken fryers 88 cents/lb
Fresh red seedless grapes 88 cents/lb
Era 26-32 use 2.88 -- there were recent $1 off coupons
Pillsbury sweet rolls, dinner rolls or biscuits 10/$10
Del Monte Pineapple 10/$10
Campbell's Spaghettios 20/$10
Hershey Candy 20/$10
In ad $5 rebate -- purchase any 5 participating General Mills products in one shopping visit and receive $5 off your next shopping visit (via form in the ad) -- this includes the Pillsbury items on sale!  There could be some really good deals with this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Target Deals...

Make sure to go on the Target website and print off their coupons!  They have quite a few and many are Target coupons, which you can then combine with a manufacturer coupon for great savings!  I am hoping to take mine to Target on Wednesday morning...I'll let you know what I find:)


If you ever thought about trying is a great day to join?  If you sign up through the widget on my page then you will receive a 20 pt code just for signing up!  Who couldn't use an amazon certificate or other goodies as the holidays approach?  Here is a link to the swagbucks blog to see how this works.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Menards 10/17 - 10/24

3 pack Nitrile gloves Free after $3 MIR
100% silicone sealant 49 cents after $3 MIR
Smart Caulk Tool Free after $5 MIR
Interior Flat Paint $4.99 after $4 MIR
Earth Tone Roller Covers 3 pack 99 cents after $6 MIR
Polyfilm 10' x 25' 1.99 after $5 MIR
Cat Pan Liner Free after $3.50 MIR
Doggie Duty Bags Free after 1.50 MIR
60 pack alkaline batteries $4.99 after $6 MIR
Sentiment Shadowbox Collage Frame 17" x 19" Free after $18 MIR

Recall on Frozen Vegetables

Some of the frozen vegetables in this recall are from Walmart so make sure you don't have any of them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old Navy Sale Saturday!

A friend informed me today (thanks Pam:) that Old Navy is having a sale Saturday morning only until 10am that all sweaters are $10!  May be a good time to purchase any sweaters you need for winter! (although it's approaching 80 degrees today:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free pair of socks!

I've never tried this brand before, but I'm willing to when they're free:)  Visit Powersox and register for your free pair.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Market 10/13 - 10/19

5 lb bag apples 1.88
Sunny D 78 cents
Chunky soup 98 cents
Farmland Jumbo Meat Franks 98 cents
Old Orchard apple juice or juice blends 98 cents
Libby vegetables 2/98cents
Best Choice peanut butter 98 cents
Post Cereal 6/$10
Little Debbie snack cakes 98 cents
M&M Candy Bars 3/98 cents
Angel Soft bath tissue 6 double rolls or 12 regular rolls 2.98
In ad coupon for free Taco Bell Home Originals Salsa Con Queso when you buy 3 taco bell home deal would be to buy seasoning 2/$1 and maybe some shells or sauce for 99 cents.
Washington premium gala apples 99 cents/lb
Trans Ocean Crab or Lobster Classics 99 cents each

Sun Mart 10/12 - 10/18

Holdrege Location is having a 12 hour meat sale on Friday from 8am-8pm!  I don't see any specifics in the ad, but will probably be in the store.

Our Family frozen vegetables 99 cents
Our Family 4 lb bag sugar 1.79
Our Family Butter 2/$5
Our Family Flour 5 lb bags 99 cents
Our Family Evaporated Milk 79 cents
Our Family baking chips 3/$5
Our Family Marshmallows 89 cents
Our Family Almond Bark 1.69
Boneless wings 4.99/lb assorted flavors
Purchase 3 Kellogg's mini wheats 3/$9 and receive a coupon for saving up to 3.60 on milk your next shopping trip

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Menards 10/10 - 10/24

Contractors bags 4.99 after $4 MIR
Car Mat Set 4 piece Free after $5 MIR
Terry cloths 99 cents after 50 cents MIR
Candle Lighter 49 cents after $2 MIR
Forever Bags food storage Free after $3 MIR
48 pack batteries 6.99 after $4 MIR
Halloween Candy Kiddie Mix and Chewy Mix 1.99 after 1.50 MIR

K-Mart week of Oct 10

K-Mart is advertising an additional 50% off clearance toys!  A great time to stock up on potential birthday gifts.
In ad coupon for Cheerios (including Honey Nut) $1.88 -- since this is a store coupon you can combine this with a manufacturer coupon

Target Week of Oct 10

Market Pantry 10 ct fruit snacks 1.29
1 dozen large grade A eggs 99 cents
Market Pantry 16 oz elbow macaroni 80 cents
Danimals and Activia yogurt 1.89 (make sure to look for coupons!)
Big Bags Candy 10.78 oz kit kat or 12.5 oz butterfinger $2.39 each

Walgreens 10/10 - 10/16

No nonsense Essential Basics Knee Highs 25 cents (limit 6)
NyQuil 40 ct liquid gels or 2 pack liquid 8.99 - $2 RR = $6.99 and remember to look for coupons from the papers the last couple of weeks.
In ad coupon for Mars Candy 49 cents (limit 6)
In ad coupon for Swanson chicken broth and Campbells gravy 2/$1
Brach's Autumn candy 11 or 14.6 oz  2/$3 - $1 RR = 2/$2
Noxzema disposable razors $3.99 - $3 RR = 99 cents
In ad coupon for Carefree pantiliners 99 cents
Halls Refresh Lemon Raspberry Drops 20 ct $1 - $1RR = Free
Huggies Jumbo packs 8.99 - $2 RR = $6.99 -- remember to also use coupons for a better deal!

Walmart week of Oct 10

Fun-size Candy 9-12.5 oz Reese's, Butterfinger, snickers, etc (selected varieties) $2.50
Brach's Value Bag Candy 26 oz 1.88
Costumes starting at $7
Fun size skittles, wonka nerds, starbursts or lifesaver gummies $2
Cool Whip $1
I've heard at other Walmarts there are trial size Gain detergents that you can use the $1 coupons on from the P&G insert to get for free.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snapfish Deal

 Collage Prints: Create collage photo prints using Snapfish Snapfish  wants to give you a free 8x10 photo collage. You pay shipping only of about $1.
1) Go to
Snapfish  -- log in or register
2) Choose 'store', then 'prints', then 'collage prints'
3) Create your collage from photos in your
Snapfish  account, or upload new ones.
4) Check out with code ALLYOUFALL10. (10/31) It says in the All You October issue page 170 that it's limited to the first 10,000, but in the past there didn't seem to be a limit even though it stated one. These All You tie-in promotions are great. Remember the free flipbooks we got a few months ago?
BONUS: if you are a first time
Snapfish customer, you also get 100 free 4x6 prints!!!! - Use code OCT10PRNT Start here: Snapfish (10/17)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Other Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

10/6/10   Promotion Code   GIFTSTOGROW4MOM   50
10/4/10   Promotion Code   10PTSFREECODE4U   10
10/2/10   Promotion Code   JOINNOW4REWARDS   50
10/1/10   Promotion Code   FACEBOOKOCT2010   10
9/30/10   Promotion Code   PUNTOSPARAMI123   10

Pampers Code

Joinnow4rewards -- This is a 50 pt pamper code for Gifts to Grow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boogaarts 10/5 - 10/11

Dole Shredded Lettuce 88 cents
Hershey's baking chips 1.88
Progresso Soup 98 cents
Shurfine evaporated milk 87 cents
Gold Medal Flour 1.37 for 5 lbs
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 1.50
Old El Paso Refried Beans 98 cents
Betty Crocker pizza crust or cornbread and muffin mix 2/88 cents
Varieties of Washington apples 97 cents/lb
Mangos 98 cents

Bob's Super Store 10/5 - 10/12

Progresso Soup 98 cents
Dole Pineapple (fresh) 2.88 each
Shurfine Saltine Crackers 98 cents
Pillsbury Brownie Mix 98 cents
Kraft Mac & Cheese 78 cents
In ad coupon for $5 off when you buy 10 participating General Mills products
in ad sweepstakes entry form to win $100, no purchase necessary
Avocados 10/$10
Schweigert breaded chicken 32-40 oz 4.99

Sun Mart 10/5 - 10/11

32 oz Hunts ketchup 1.69
48 oz Wesson Oil 2.99
Banquet Kid Cuisine 5/$10
In ad manufacturer coupon for $2 off soda when you buy 5 participating ConAgra Foods
1lb strawberries 2/$4
Lean Cuisine 5/$10
Yoplait yogurt 10/$5
Brown N Serve 10/$10
8 piece fried chicken 5.99
Hass Avocadoes 10/$10
45 oz cascade 2.99
Pillsbury cinnamon or crescent rolls 3/$5

Apple Market 10/6 - 10/12

12 Hour Meat Sale Thursday Oct 7
   10 lb bag chicken leg quarters 4.90
   80% lean ground beef 1.88/lb
   5 lb bag russet potatoes 1.28 each
   Banquet pot pies or fruit pies 48 cents
   3 lb bag frozen best choice chicken breasts 4.98
   Best choice paper towels 48 cents
   Tony's pizza 6/$10
   Oscar Mayer lunchables 98 cents

Pilgrim's pride chicken drumsticks or thighs 98 cents/lb
Premium Washington Apples 98 cents/lb
Red seedless grapes 98 cents/lb
22-24 oz cottage cheese 1.88
Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides 88 cents
Select Post Cereals 1.88
26-32 use Era 2X Laundry Detergent 2.98
Dole bananas 39 cents/lb
64 oz Land O Lakes chocolate milk 1.39
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 2.99
3 lb bag Jonathan Apples 1.99
Selected variety dole salad 99 cents
Sweet potatoes 79 cents/lb
Powerade 89 cents

Target Samples

This is the first time I've seen samples through Target!  Click here to get them:)

Free Bottle of Advil!

Click here to sign up for a coupon for a free bottle of advil.  Limited to the first 500,000...I just tried and it worked for me!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Walgreens 10/3 - 10/9

I'm linking to Common Sense with Money for the Walgreens deals this week since I'm a bit behind:)

Target Deals from My Frugal Adventures

My Frugal Adventures has done a great job laying out some awesome Target deals this week.  Click here to be directed to her site.

Amazon Deals