Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday!

Click here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sun Mart

2 day sale Friday /Sat July 31 / Aug 1
Kraft single cheese = $.99
Doritos = 2 / $3
Charmin basic 12 roll TP = 2 / $10 or $5 each
Bounty paper towels = 2 / $10 or $5 each
Colgate = Buy 1 get one free toothpaste

These are good the whole week.

Egg = $.77
Lay's chips = 2 /$5
$4.00 off coupon in this ad for GM cereals like Cheerios and you can combine this with manufacturers coupons as well.
Butter = $1.77

Apple Market

these are only goo until Sat Aug 1st Peaches = 98 cents / lb Bacon = $1.78 Tombstone pizza = $2.98
Pillsbury cake mixes = 88 cents (you know you'l need these sometime!)
Cottage Cheese = $1.88
Best Choice pop = $1.98 /12 pack
POwerade = 68 cents / 32 oz varieties
Bag of salad / cole sale = 88 cents
Ketchup = 88 cents
Puffs = 98 cents

These are good the whole week.
Red grapes = 98 cents / lb
Kraft single cheese = $1.28
Hot dog / Hamburger buns = 88 cents
Charmin 12 big rolls TP = $5.88
Coke 2 liters = 10 / $10 or $1 each
Ritz crackers = 2 / $5 or $2.50 each
Choc chips = $1.19
Energizer batteries = $2.99

Bob's Super Store

Gallon milk = $1.88
Eggs = 68 cents
Mac n chees = 38 cents
Ketchup = 78 cents
10lb meat sales
Scotch tape = $1.00
Yellow legal pads = $1.00
Lettuce head = 68 cents
Bacon = 98 cents
Quaker cereals = $1.88 - Cap'n Crunch or Life Lay's chips = 2 /$5

Boogarts 7/28-8/3

Thank you to Eileen for typing the deals this week since I fractured my arm and can only type one handed:)

Coupons: Grab the instore flyer on your way in! $1.00 Vinegar, 99 cent Applesauce, 33 cent Hershey's candy bars, 78 cent Potatoes - 5 lb bag.

Chocolate milk gallon - $2.88
JIF peanut butter - $1.88
Dole fruit bowls - $2.00
POST cereals - $2.50
Pears = 98 cents /lb
Plums = 87 cents / lb
Lettuce head = 87 cents

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Menards deals 7/26 - 8/9

Weed and Grass Killer 4 pack free after rebate
6' extension cord free after rebate
Nano glue 99 cents after $4 mail in rebate
Car wash or tire shine free after rebate

School supply deals Week of July 26

Office Max:
24 pk crayons 1 cent (limit 3)
Junior 5" scissors 20 cents (limit 3)
Assorted erasers and grips 25 cents per pack (limit 3)
If you purchase items at Office Max starting 7/26 then you will receive a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Payless Shoes

Buy 1 Get 2 Free Sale on the following items -- 2 pocket folder with prongs, 1 subject notebook, composition books, filler ruled paper, dry erase markers (make a great teacher gift), sharpies and much more!

Rose Art Water colors, paper mate pens, book covers, pencil pouches, and pencil box 50 cents each
$1 for sharpies and 6 pack glue sticks

25 cents for crayons, elmer's glue
15 cents for single subject notebooks and 2 pocket folders
50 cents for Trapper notebook and folders
$1 for crayola markers, bic pens, crayola pencils, and dixon pencils
Puffs 4 pack tissues $3.24

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember Free Chocolate Day!

Don't forget that tomorrow is free chocolate day. Go here to register for your free chocolate coupon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Kotex Overnight Pad

Free sample of Kotex Overnight Pads

Office Depot

Office Depot has great school supplies on sale for just 2 more days. I wish there was one closer than Lincoln, but if you've got a store near you there are great deals!

Office Depot Ad

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boogaarts 7/21-7/27

Kiwi 9 cents each
In store coupon for shurfine ultra bleach 96 oz for 77 cents
In store coupons for Land O Lakes chocolate milk 1/2 gallong 99 cents
In store coupon for Hormel chunk chicken, turkey or ham for 85 cents
10 lb bag of potatoes for 1.48
Dole Classic Cole Slaw 78 cents
Dole lettuce head 98 cents
Braeburn apples 98 cents lb

Bob's Super Store

They are doing the great milk deal again! Roberts milk for 1.88 a gallon and there are more 50 cent coupons out again. They do not double, but it still gets you a gallon of milk for 1.38. Get to the store quickly because they go fast!

Other deals here:

They are also doing 10/$10 sale -- quite a few items.
Strawberries for 1.18 for a 16 oz pkg

apple Market Deals 7/22-7/28

Best Choice Large Grade A eggs 78 cents
Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 98 cents (there are coupons out for $1 off 3)
General Mills Cereal $1.88 each (coupons for $1 off 2 or 3)
10 ct. Bic Crystal pens 2/$1 (I was able to print $1 off 2 bic products today, so mine will be free)
1 subject notebooks 10/$1
Elmer's glue and 24 ct crayons 20 cents each
Betty Crocker Fruit snacks buy 1 get 1 free (there are 50 cent coupons off of 2 and they will be doubled here)

SunMart Deals 7/21-7/27

Not a lot at SunMart this week. They do have a good selection of 10/$10 items:
Tony's pizza, banquet meals, hunts sauce, chef boyardee, coke/pepsi/7-up 2 liters, duncan hines snack cake mix, vlasic pickle relish, gatorade.

Kearney Hub Money Tree

On page 10A in today's paper is a listing of gift cards available at discount prices starting tomorrow morning at 8am through the Hub. For example, a $25 Apple Market gift certificate for $16.25! There are just a few available for each. You can call starting at 8am and order just one at a time over the phone or go in person to purchase multiple cards. I'm assuming these will go quickly!

Free pizza for supper?

I have this link posted to the side of my blog for Corporate Research International. They are a legitimate mystery shopping company and one of their customers is Papa Johns. Tonight I am getting a large sausage pizza for free (they will reimburse me) and a commission of $17. This is a great way to eat out! They also have mystery shopping for a few other places as well on their site. If you are interested in applying let me know and I can send you a referral!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Free pastry from Starbucks!

Free pastry on July 21 from opening until 10:30am with this coupon.

School supply deals

Okay, the season for school supply deals has started. I'm going to put this weeks all in one post so you can compare and decide where to go. Retailers usually have penny deals at some point, but those have not started yet so you will need to decide when you want to start buying supplies. I would encourage you to keep your receipts, so if there are better sales later you can return more expensive items.

Construction paper and colored pencils - 88 cents each
composition books - 50 cents
2 pk Elmer's glue, 2 pk pink erasers, pencil sharpeners, and rulers -- 20 cents each
Some people have also reported that you can get individual containers of Kashi Cereal for $1 this week and if you go onto Targets website or to print target coupons, you can get $1 off -- free cereal!

2 pk Elmer's glue sticks or 4 oz Elmer's glue -- 5/$1 (20 cents each)
Free school scissors when you buy $15 or more in school supplies
$2 Crayola washable markers
$2.50 expo markers
Bic pens 99 cents
2/$1 composition books
They are also doing buy $15 worth of participating products and receive $4 off your next order or buy $25 and get $8 off your next purchase.

9 cent sale on pencils, highlighters, and 2 pocket folders (limit 12)
19 cent sale on paper mate pens and mechanical pencils (limit 6)
89 cent boxes of Kleenex
19 cent paper clips, rulers and folders with prongs
29 cents 2 pk eraser, pencil top erasers, and 10 pack pencils
49 cents 5 pk bic highlighters, 24 pk penway crayons or 8 penway jumbo crayons, and school pencil box
99 cents 12 pk colored pencils, 3 subject notebook, and stretch book cover
Pilot G2 gel pens 2 pk for $1 plus get $1 back in Register Rewards (free!)
9.99 back pack sale


I do not currently have an ad for them, so if I go to the store or get an ad in the next couple of days I will let you know of any additional savings there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boogaarts 7/15

They have 4 coupons in their ad again (can be found at the front of the store)
-- 1 gallon milk for 1.99 (limit 2)
-- 1 lb strawberries for 98 cents (limit 2)
-- Jolly Time microwave popcorn 75 cents (limit 2)
-- Chunk light tuna 33 cents (limit 3)

Betty Crocker Chicken or Tuna helper 98 cents a box (I have coupons for $1 off 3)
Toaster Strudel $1.87
Betty Crocker Family Size Brownies 89 cents

SunMart Deals starting 7/15

Our family sugar 5lb bag for $1.49
Purchase Dole Salad blends 2/$6 and receive the following for free: Sugar sweet grape tomatoes, cucumber, our family salad dressing, and shredded carrots.
Our Family brats 1.99

Nothing else really stands out for me this week.

Ace Hardware

Sale ending July 19

G Glass totally green glass cleaner Free after rebate
Totally Green G Wash Car Wash Free after rebate
Ace Weed and Grass Killer $2.99 after $4 rebate
Off insect repellent $1.49 after $3 rebate

Menards Deals 7/12-7/26

Gumout Performance Chemicals (for your car) Free after $2 rebate
Insect Repellent Wipes Free after $1 rebate
Landscape Fabric 94 cents after $1.50 mail in rebate
Hex L Key Set 7 piece for 49 cents after $2 rebate
Water Timer 99 cents after $5 rebate
25' Tape measure or 2" Quick-Grip Handi Clamp Free after $3 rebate
Power Strip 99 cents after $1.50 rebate
Wide angle broom 99 cents after $3 rebate

Monday, July 13, 2009

K-Mart Fuel For School

Make sure to look on the back of the K-Mart ad to get a rebate form for the Kelloggs Fuel for School. This is different from the form for Kelloggs and Dell, so you can do this rebate twice. This one is specifically for K-Mart.

Free BBQ Roast Burger from Arby's

They have more coupons available again for this. They are now good until 7/16!

Tyson Skillet Try Me Free Rebate

Go to and print out a form for a rebate on a Tyson Skillet.

Pull-ups at Target

I just had a friend inform me that Target had some pullups on clearance. Here is her deal:

Target has boxes of pull-ups on clearance. In size 2T-3T you get 61 pull-ups plus 7 overnight pull-ups for $16.48 and I had $2 off coupons.

8GB Flashdrive at Walmart

Walmart has an 8GB Flashdrive on sale for $20 this week. Great for the college student off to school this fall!

Walgreens week of 7/12

There are a few deals here, but the biggest one is for those who buy Huggies. If you spend $15 you will receive $3 in Register Rewards or if you spend $20 you will receive $5 in register rewards. The jumbo packs are on sale for $10 each. There are $1.50, $2, and $3 coupons out. I have $1.50 coupons available for 10 cents each if you don't have coupons yourself. There are also printable coupons available at You will receive only 1 Register Reward per transaction, so don't spend too much more that $20...I usually just go through the checkout twice depending on what I'm purchasing.

McCafe Free Sample Mondays

On Mondays through August 3 McDonalds is giving away free samples from their McCafe! No other purchase necessary.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free Fish Taco

On Tuesday, July 14, Long John Silvers is having a Free Baja Fish Taco day. Come in between open and 2:30pm to receive your free taco!

General Mills

You can join a General Mills program called Psst. They send you free coupons, samples and sometimes ask for your opinion!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Free BBQ Roast Burger from Arby's

Here's a link to a coupon for a free BBQ Roast Burger from Arby's with the purchase of a drink. Hurry in because this offer expires on the 12th!

Free Chocolate Friday!

Today is Friday which means free chocolate! Go to and register for your coupon for a free candy bar:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kelloggs Fuel for School Rebate

This is a great rebate and if you are patient and watch for a good deal at stores you can really come out ahead on this one. You will get $10 back after purchasing a specified amount of Kelloggs products and $70 off a Dell purchase. This is great for us since we are looking to replace our computer this fall!

Here's the link, you may need to register at the site to get the form.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walmart Samples

Here's a link to get free samples from Walmart...there are some pretty good ones right now.

Apple Market week of 7/7

The only really good deal here is 1.18 per lb of strawberries. Other places have them on sale as well, just not quite this good. Only worth stopping if you get quite a few to make it worth your time.

Boogaarts 7/7-7/13

They have coupons in their insert this time. You can get these at the store.

1 dozen shurfresh large eggs 50 cents (2 per household)
Shurfine pudding snacks 65 cents
Ragu Old World Style Pasta sauce 99 cents
Shurfine Ketchup 75 cents

Other deals:
Hot pockets $1.88 ( I have at least 1 50cent coupon that will double for $1)
Shurfine tuna 58 cents
Valu time syrup 1.25
Kiwi 19 cents each


I figured out last week these guys do not double.

On Wednesday only! they have 1 gallon Roberts milk for 1.88. I have several 50 cent coupons. So my gallons will be 1.38 each. Does not say there is a limit for how many.

You can freeze milk if you need to, just empty some out of the top for expansion.

SunMart Deals 7/7-7/13

SunMart is having a meat sale this Thurs-Sat.

Our Family brats 2/$4
Farmland Hot Dogs 79 cents a pkg

These next deals are good all week.

Our Family 1 lb butter, quartered for $1.49
Select General Mills Cereals 5/$10 (there are coupons out right now for GM Cereals...$1/3...6 for $9)
Folgers Coffee (10.3-11.5 oz) $2.99 (coupon for 25 cents -- doubled to 50 cents)
Roberts Dips 10/$10 (8 oz container)
Duracell Batteries 4 count or 1 count 9 V $2.99 (minus 75 cent coupon)
Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes 3/$4 (I have 3 50 cent coupons off of 2 that will double for $1...6/$5)

Menards Deals 7/5-7/12

Here are some deals at Menards!

Giant Coloring pages "Pirates of the Carribean" 99 cents after $6 mail in rebate.

Large blue tarp 99 cents after $5 mail in rebate.

Duct Tape 77 cents after $2 mail in rebate.

Handy Driver 7 piece FREE after $2.50 mail in rebate.

Alkaline Batteries AA 8 packs 99 cents after $1 mail in rebate.

Vinyl mini blinds 23" x 42" FREE after $2 mail in rebate.

They usually have posted that you need to buy $10 worth of products to get the rebates, but I have never had to and received my rebates just fine. You get a gift certificate to use at Menards. So I just use that to purchase other free or discounted products.

Need Laundry Detergent?

I've seen a couple of good ads and someone informed me of a decent deal at Walmart.

48 Load Tide for a little over $6 (cheaper to buy a couple of these than to purchase the 96 load Tide for $17) If you have any Tide coupons you can get a pretty good deal.

Menards has 96 load (2x concentrate) or 66 load regular for $5.96

Pampers Code

If you buy Pampers products I hope you are already using their Gifts to Grow program. You can earn points by entering codes at from diapers, wipes, etc. There is a free code right now that can be used. It worked for me today for 1 point. FREECODE0712EXP

Monday, July 6, 2009

Free prints from Snapfish

Snapfish is offering 50 free prints until July 10! Go to and when you check out enter PENNY as your coupon code.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ace Hardware

Here are some rebates going on at Ace Hardware. When you purchase them in the store you can request a rebate form.

Biodegradable Car Wash $3.99 - free after $3.99 rebate

Organic Automotive Glass Cleaner $1.99 - free after $1.99 rebate

Automotive Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners $3.49 - free after $3.49 rebate

All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk $2.99 - free after $2.99 rebate

Off! Insect Repellent Spray $4.49 - $1.49 after $3 rebate

Nabisco Coupons and Rebates

Here is a link to receive a couple of rebate forms and $55 in coupons for Nabisco products.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't have a lot to publish here because their flyers really don't give a lot of information.

Large Doritos/Fritos/Cheetos for $2
Blueberries $2 a pint
Tropicana/Minute Maid drinks 64 oz / $1

I don't shop at Walmart much, so if you have other good deals please post a comment! Remember Walmart will price match, but they don't double coupons.


These are good through July 6

80% lean Ground Beef $1.45/lb for a 10lb tube (I then break this up into 10 individual lbs and freeze)
Shurfresh Quartered Butter 1lb/$1.48
Pillsbury Classic Brownie Mix 95 cents
Shurfine Sqeeze Ketchup 77 cents
Shurfine Shredded Cheese 98 cents
Shurfine Whipped topping 68 cents
Jello 47 cents a pkg

SunMart Deals

These are good through July 6

Our Family Brats for 2/$5
Coke 12 packs 5/$12 (Heard that Walmart has 24 packs for 3.98, which would be cheaper)
Kraft Singles Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Lay's Classic Chips Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Our Family Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns 88 cents
Kelloggs Cereals (select variety) 5/$10 (I have $1/1 coupons to use and $1.50 off 2, so my total for this should be about 6/$6.50)
General Mills Cereals (select variety) 5/$10 (I had a $1/2 and $1/3 coupons to make this 5/$8.

Bob's Super Store

These are good through July 7.

Oscar Mayer Weiners 98 cents for 1 lb pkg. (can also use $1 off 2 coupon and get them for 48 cents a pkg)
Charmin Basic Bath Tissue (4 big rolls) for $2 (Will double 25 cent coupon, so can purchase these for 1.50...this deal is good for the entire month)
Pint blueberries 2/$4
Van Camps Pork and Beans 3/98 cents
Bar S Franks are 78 cents here, so you would save 5 cent a package compared to Apple Market

Apple Market Deals

These are good through July 7 at Apple Market.

Kool-Aid drink mix 12/$1
Pepsi 12 packs 5/$12
Best Choice Hamburger and Hot dog buns 88 cents
Bar S Franks 1 lb package 88 cents (there is also $1/2, so that makes them 34 cents each)
Cool whip $1 per container

These seem to be the best. Post a comment if you can put together other ones.

Amazon Deals