Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple Market 1/25 - 1/31

Chicken thighs or drumsticks 98 cents/lb
1 lb strawberries, pint blueberries, or 6 oz blackberries 1.98
Era Laundry detergent 2.98

98 cent sale on the following items
   Oscar mayer salami or bologna
   Oscar mayer lunchables
   Bar S Franks or smoked sausage
   Hormel little sizzlers or banquet brown and serve sausage
   Birds Eye frozen vegetables
   Hot house bell peppers
   Peeled carrots or head lettuce
   Michelinas or zap'ems gourmet dinners
   Best choice margarine
   Bagels forever
   Bisquick shake n pour pancake mix
   Campbell's spaghettios
   Hormel chicken, turkey, or ham
   Progresso vegetable soups
   Hunts pasta sauce and canned tomatoes
   Del Monte Ketchup, Bull's Eye BBQ sauce or Best choice cocktail sauce
   Libby's Fruit, Texas toast croutons, green giant vegetables
   Hunt's or jello pudding or gelatin
   Best choice toaster pastries
   Best choice bath tissue or paper towels
   Puff's facial tissues or dawn dish detergent

Eggo Waffles or pancakes 1.99
Taco Bell shells 98 cents
Taco Bell refried beans 98 cents
taco bell dinner kits 1.99
Taco bell beans or rice 1.49
Taco bell creamy sauce 1.49
Taco bell seasoning mix 79 cents
International Delight Creamer 1.99

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