Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bob's Super Store 3/22 - 3/29

10/$10 Sale
   Shurfine 100% apple juice 64 oz
   chicken drumsticks or thighs
   Healthy choice soup
   shurfresh large eggs
   Banquet brown N serve sausage
   del monte pineapple
   american beauty or creamette pasta
   Hunt's pasta sauce
   Hunt's manwich
   TN pride sausage & gravy
   Armour lunch marker
   Totinos pizza rolls
   supreme choice single serving seafood

Nestle or wonka candy 20/$10
Braeburn apples 89 cents/lb


  1. Laura, Is there any way you could mark the ones that you actually consider a "good deal"? Maybe just with an * or something? I only ask b/c sometimes I see these things listed in an ad, but then I go to Walmart and see that they have it listed for the same, or maybe even cheaper. I just don't want to get all caught up in what the store is calling a "sale". Know what I mean? And I am new to this, so I am still learning what qualifies as a good deal. Hopefully this isn't too much to ask! :)

  2. Actually I only post them here if I think they are a good deal:) Walmart does not post ads, so I'm not as familiar with their prices. They usually will monitor other sales in the area and try to match them or do slightly better. I think meat quality is always better at these smaller stores.


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