Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple Market 2/23 - 3/1

Mix or Match 10/$10
   Bar S Franks
   Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat
   Oscar Mayer Lunchables
   Jonagold or Braeburn Apples/Northwest Bosc or Anjou Pears 10 lbs
   28 oz Best choice tomatoes
   Hunt's Pasta Sauce
   American Beauty Pasta
   16 oz Belfonte Ice Cream
   Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza
   3 oz Armour Sliced Pepperoni
   Fresh Mission Avocados
   Best Choice Vegetable blend
   Bagels forever
   4-12oz Pillsbury rolls or biscuits
   Best choice soft margarine
   20/$10 Yoplait Whips
   8 oz Kraft Ranch Salad Dressing
   Campbell's Soup or Spaghettios
   5 oz Best Choice chunk white chicken
   Banquet Dinners
   Totino's pizza rolls
   Taco Bell refried beans or 12 ct shells
   Progresso vegetable classics
   3 ct Act II Popcorn
   Best choice animal cookies
   Nestle's Hot cocoa

Regular Sales
Red or Green Grapes 98 cents/lb
Jacks Pizza 5/$10
In ad coupon -- purchase 3 selected variety of Kellogg's cereal and get a free gallon of milk
Old Orchard Apple Juice or Juice Blends 1.28
1 lb ripe strawberries or dry pint blueberries 2.99
Best choice whole wheat bread 10/$10

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